25 November 2016
"The Power and The Glory" Curated by Pierre-Yves Desaive   14 October 2016 to 18 February 2017   Harry Benson, Roe Ethridge, John Giorno, Andy Hope 1930, Jonathan Horowitz, Nathan Hylden, Hervé Ic, Mike Kelley, Sherrie Levine, John Miller, Jonathan Meese, Paul McCarthy, David Ostrowski, Richard Prince, Josh Smith, Reena Spaulings   Charles Riva Collection - rue de la Concorde 21, 1050 Brussels    ...Read more
02 December 2015
The Nasher Museum is featuring an exhibition of Paul Mc Carthy, Full Exposure - Paul and Damond Mc Carthy's Pirate Party. The exhibition will be opening on December 12, 2015 - More information on the website Pirate Party culminated in a four-channel video installation and a portfolio of 79 Photographs. Thirty-three photographs from the portfolio have been selected for this exhibition.   In 2011, Charles Riva Collection, Brussels, was showing the Pirate Party portfolio in an exhibition dedicated to Paul Mc Carthy's work. More information on the website more
12 September 2015
On September the 11th was inaugurated the exhibition : 2050, A brief History of the Future at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium curated by Pierre-Yves Desaives. With over 70 contemporary works which questions our future up to 2050, while exploring current major social themes. This exhibition comes out with a complementary exhibition at Louvre Museum (opening on September the 24 th) which suggest an imaginary future based on past readings and artistic creations. These two exhibitions are inspired by Jacques Attali’s book A Brief History of the Future .   More info on more