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28 September - 17 February 2018
Riva Project


Riva Project - Rue de Tenbosch 124, 1050 Brussels



Opening 28 September from 6 to 9 pm

29 September 2017 to 17 February 2017 2018



Riva Project is delighted to present ANIMALS a group show that brings together Paul McCarthy, Ceramics Ardmore, Oliver Clegg, Raphaël De Villers, Roe Ethridge, Roni Horn, Jim Lambie, Robert Longo, Jonathan Meese and Richard Jackson.

The exhibition sets itself as a reflection on the place and the representation of the animal mainly trough contemporary sculpture. By assembling diverse form, multiple technic and various material, the idea is to create a contemporary bestiary that presents the relationship with the animal world. Sometimes worshiped and sacred, sometimes sacrificed or naturalised, the Animal interrogates our gaze on the world. Either its representation is real or fantasised, the figure of the animal and the beast have always been a very actual concern throughout art and history. This heteroclite presentation can be seen according to each one interpretation as a hunting chart or subjective animal gallery. In between onirism, playfulness and fascination, the artworks shown in the exhibition evoke our cohabitation with a subject of its own world but yet stimulating and revealing our special bond with the significant otherness; Animals.